The Périgord (Dordogne) Walnut Specialist

The walnut in Périgord

We have specialised in the purchase and sale of Périgord walnut and of wild cherry wood for over fifty years. The walnut wood derives its typical colour from the chalky soils in which it grows. These are the same soils that yield Périgord truffles.

The walnut tree is an emblem of the Périgord, which is an influential region for the production of walnuts and has been the foremost producer of walnut wood for a very long time.
The old walnut trees of the ancient walnut groves have progressively disappeared to make way for modern plantations which, due to newer cultivation methods, produce little by way of wood. Because of this, at the beginning of the 1990s, the planting of walnut trees specifically for their wood began.

An old Périgord walnut tree

Our business: trading wood

Our family business is located in Saint Geniès, Dordogne, in the Périgord Noir, a region known for the quality of its products, including notably, walnuts.
We provide wood for industry, for craftsmen and also for private individuals.
We buy trunks of walnut and wild cherry which we turn into different sawed products at our sawmill in Saint Geniès:

  • Boards of different thicknesses,
  • Blocks cut to the clients’ measurements,
  • Wood for gun stocks, ranging from ordinary up to high end luxury quality.
Selecting walnut trunks