Walnut parquet

Flooring wood massive

Only solid wood parquet can offer the comfortable warmth and durability of a natural, organic flooring material.

Wood surrounds us in our daily lives and it is ecological and renewable.

It has remarkable features :

  • a mechanical resistance
  • a thermal insulator and regulator
  • acoustic qualities


Walnut parquet in situ

Using walnut to make parquet floors has undeniable and known qualities.

  • strong, sturdy : you can sand it down several times without changing its qualities,
  •  attractive : walnut has a beauty which will not date
  • ecological : the wood of the walnut tree has always been a natural and prestigious product,
  •  timeless : it has a very warm colour, it’s as if you have placed a one-off piece of furniture in your home
Stocks of walnut parquet

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We can supply parquet, either unfinished or finished, depending on the client’s requirements. We can also give estimates for a range of qualities, lengths and widths of walnut parquet.

We are here to listen to your requirements: don’t hesitate to ask your questions.

Planks of walnut parquet

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